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Our Team.

Our passionate team brings energy and dedication to our foundation.  Many of our staff have been with us since PAF was first founded. They saw for themselves how the school and hostel, which began as only a chalkboard in a field, grew to encompass multiple classrooms, a library, and computer room which now serve over 150 students. We introduce you to a few of them below.

Rekha, Secretary and wife of our late "Tinku" the founder of PAF, welcomed the first hostel students into her home when it was only an idea to house and educate kids who needed it most. In addition to her role in the NGO her caring demeanor makes PAF a very welcome place for students living away from home for the first time.


Kiriti Mahato is an expert in Bengali folk music and culture, which we consider an important and part of Bengali life. Due to this belief it is part of our mission to bring opportunities for the children to learn about their rich cultural heritage. Most notably over the years many hostel boys have learned Chhau dance, famous for its giant masks and acrobatics depicting epics of Hindu folklore.

Moni "Shanta" Mahato has also worked at PAF since its early years. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every project she works on. After initially training as a nurse she helped administer regular health checkups at Nabakustashram, where she became friends with everyone in this Leprosy Village. Today instead of practicing as a nurse she is managing the daily works of PAF, as well as larger projects that we take on as able. She also uses her medical knowledge to ensures our weekly free medical clinic is running smoothly.

With love and respect to our late team members:

You can learn more about the history of Prabhatalloi Foundation here.
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